Proteona&friends team at NCT-Run gainst cancer 2020

Team Proteona&friends supports NCT-Run 2020 against cancer

Accelerate neutralizing antibody development with single cell analysis to protect vulnerable immunocompromised individuals

Proteona Antibody Protection GmbH, 1 July 2020 - The Proteona&friends team is proud to contribute 546 kilometres towards the NCT-Run against cancer 2020. The Proteona team and its business partners, friends, and family supported the event from 27 locations around the world across five continents.

From Heidelberg to Paris, Dubai, Texas, Nairobi, Hawaii, Kyoto, and Singapore, everyone in the team pushed towards their individual goals. Some overcame mountains and tough climate, while others challenged their personal and physical limits.

“We thank everyone one who took up the challenge with us. Thank you for stepping up and for making the extraordinary effort. It may be a small contribution to cancer research, but it is a strong message to the world, and to ourselves, that we care.” Said CEO Dr Andreas Schmidt, who took part in the event with his family. “While many of us were not able to meet in person, we managed to come together for a common cause. The solidarity what the world need now to address many of its current challenges.”

The NCT-Run is an annual fundraising event organized by the National Center for Tumor Diseases, Heidelberg. It usually takes part in Heidelberg, Germany. The event was organized virtually this year, inviting participants from all around the world.

Proteona Antibody Protection GmbH supports cancer patients and other individuals with immunocompromised conditions against COVID-19 by developing a coronavirus neutralizing antibody. Find out more about our global alliance.

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Über Proteona Antibody Protection GmbH

Die Proteona Antibody Protection GmbH (PAP) steht als Unternehmen aus der Biomedizin an der Spitze des Kampfes gegen COVID-19. Mit Hilfe der Technologie zur Einzelzell-Sequenzierung werden neutralisierende Antikörper identifiziert. Proteonas Vision ist die Entwicklung von Behandlungsoptionen für die am stärksten gefährdeten, immungeschwächten Patienten. Die Muttergesellschaft Proteona ist bereits in Singapur und Deutschland tätig, wo sie für Forschung, Klinik und Pharma-Unternehmen Einzelzell-MultiOmics Daten zu Wirkstoffentdeckung und Therapie-Optimierung für Blutkrebspatienten generiert.